Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wallpaper for your soul ver 2.0

Based on these examples would you really call it ka-Chongan (too New Wave-y)? Click on picture to enlarge. For the related topic click HERE.

both noun and adjective
An 80's term of endearment by local punks for new wavers.
Huh?Pupunta kang party sa Corinthians? Puro Chongs doon no! di bale Positive Noise yung mobile, nagpapatugtog yon ng "Damaged Goods" at "Wild In The Streets", pwede na rin!

as a bonus here's Talk Talk's excellent video for "Such A Shame"


Luis K. said...

Hahaha! :) Oh man, seeing "chong" used in that context again... Man, that takes me back.

the collector's evil twin said...

hehe how young were you then?

Luis K. said...

I guess late preteens/early teens? :) I remember seeing the term defined in one of those short-lived local music mags I used to buy (could have been The Score, but am not sure). Songs I associate with 'chongs' (rightly or wrongly) include "Absolute Reality" by The Alarm. ;p